TCP/IP Host Monitor

This application allows you to keep an eye on all the computers or devices in your local area network, to see which ones are responding.



System Requirements

Windows .NET Framework or
Java Runtime Environment (Included with Mac OS X)


New version 1.1

For Windows: 29kb
For Mac OS X: 248kb
Platform Independent: 196kb


Download and unzip into a folder on your computer. The platform independent version requires the 'lib' folder be kept alongside the executable JAR file.


To create a list of hosts on your network either type directly into the table, or choose 'Add' from the main menu. To save the list of hosts, choose Save from the menu. The list will be restored next time the program is run. The status of each host will automatically update about every ten seconds.


There may be up to 128 hosts listed.
This software is designed for local area networks, and will not properly report remote IP addresses due to timeout.
Depends on the Java 'isReachable' method, which is implemented differently on different platforms. As a result may require program to be run with root privileges under Linux, and under Windows may report online hosts as offline.

Current versions of Windows no longer respond to ICMP requests unless enabled in Windows Firewall.


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